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We are driven to attaining excellence in ourselves every day. We encourage our patients to attain goals and reach heights they wouldn’t have experienced otherwise had they not walked through our door.

While looking beyond the treatment of your signs and symptoms, Dr. David Kolbaba will search for the root cause of your health concerns. We will work with you to develop a personalized strategy program to regain your optimal health status. Our hope is to motivate and inspire you. Your experience with us can be life-changing.


Our goal is to “Make your life an Adventure in Health not in sickness and disease.” Our New Patient Strategy Consultation is the first step toward your personal “Adventure in Health”.

Dr. Kolbaba will meet with you to discuss your personal health issues and concerns. The next step is a Nutritionally Based Comprehensive Physical Exam that may include X-rays. A Report-of-Findings appointment will follow your exam where Dr. K will thoroughly explain the results and findings of your examination. This completes the first phase of your comprehensive healthcare program. We provide blood work in our office for your convenience.



Functional/Integrative Medicine
● Chiropractic Care
● Health Coaching
Nutritional Counseling
● Treatment of Addictions
Analysis and Testing
Therapeutic Modalities
● Acupuncture
Heart Sound Recorder
● Custom Prescription Foot Orthotics
● Family Health Care



Your best bet for prevention, correction and relief of your current back pain and discomfort is Natural Chiropractic Care. This is your first line of defense for your festering back symptoms. Chiropractic care is not a quick fix, it’s the RIGHT FIT for you and the health of your spine!



Our program is an important and powerful tool in facilitating your health and healing. Nutritionally balanced medical foods accompanied by expert knowledge and years of experience guide and support you through weekly Health Coaching sessions. A customized nutritional protocol is created for you based on your personal needs, medical symptoms and lab work results.

This Detoxification program is designed to help your body eliminate toxins while addressing vitamin and mineral deficiencies. This will allow your body’s own repair systems to recover and function effectively. Reduction of pain and inflammation, increased energy and mental clarity will be noticed as well as improved nutrient absorption within your body.

Nutritional Supplements

It is obvious that our most common food choices are seriously lacking important nutrients and minerals. How can you decide on the right high-quality nutritional supplements to take for yourself and how long should you take those supplements?

We carry a full line of high-quality nutritional supplements from companies who adhere to strict standards. In addition to our HealthQuest Private Label products, nutritional companies we use are Metagenics, Standard Process, Inc., Xlear, Inc. and more.