Office Visits Defined

Office Visits Defined 

There are 3 basic types of “Consultation” appointments:

1. New Patient Consultation

2. Health Coach Consultation

3. Report of Findings Consultation


The New Patient Strategy Consultation serves to collect valuable information from the patient, in person. A thorough history is needed, including the most important concerns of the patient. Dr. David Kolbaba conveys concepts relating to the different approaches utilized in our clinic and shares how these protocols may be implemented in the future care of the new patient. The patient’s “next steps” are all discussed in this first meeting. Creating a good rapport is vital to a patient’s progress. The New Patient Strategy Consultation is where it all begins.


Weekly Health Coaching Consultations are crucial as patients check in to report their recent progress. Successes and challenges experienced in the past week are discussed during this appointment using questionnaires and charts to make the process more effective and create accountability. Weekly assessments are made by the doctor and staff utilizing progressive testing measures and in turn, appropriate adjustments can be made. Encouragement and support play a significant role in every Health Coaching Consultation.

A fuller “understanding and comprehension” is a result of commitment to this process. It’s vitally important to condition our patients for the long-term benefits of lessons learned in their weekly Health Coaching sessions. New habits take root and require legitimate time and effort; there are no “quick-fixes.” These weekly sessions play a significant role in bringing immediate improvements to an individual’s current state of health! (Less frequent sessions only slow the patient’s progress and jeopardize success. Past experience shows that weekly health coach sessions yield the best results! Regardless of life’s never-ending urgencies, conscious commitment to Health Coaching Consultations is the key to personal success!


Report of Findings Consultations are self-explanatory, in that diagnostic tests, exams, re-exams and reassessments help place every patient “on the map.” The Report of Findings Consultation represents a starting point, then, intermittent re-testing is done to show improvement and progress over time. There is nothing better for a patient than to see their success documented on paper, as compared to the “not-so-good” results reported on previous laboratory tests! It’s one thing to be leveraged by fear, pain or discomfort. It’s another thing all together to be leveraged by personal success, on its way forward!

Receiving diagnostic tests results are generally considered to be a “scary” proposition for most patients. Imagine what it will feel like to be on your way up the “health” ladder. Progressive testing is an exciting feedback resource marking the great news of your successful “get healthy” efforts!

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