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Our ShowHealthQuest Radio airs every Saturday at 11:00 am on AM 560 The Answer, broadcasting for 40 years.

Join program host, Dr. David C. Kolbaba, as he shares his expertise relating to your health along with advice, counsel and inspiration along with a dash of humor. His enthusiasm reaches into the heart of each and every person who listens to the show!

Dr. K shares his opinions about the current state of healthcare today and guides his listeners toward simple lifestyle strategies that can change your life. Other topics include nutrition, dietary concerns, exercise, fatigue, detoxification, stress, back pain, hormones, children’s care and a whole lot more! Special features of the show include: Dr.K’s Commentaries, Our Off-Air Show at Noon, Dr. K’s Rapid Fire, and our E-mail Blast, just to name a few.

A variety of special guests including medical and healthcare professionals as well as best selling authors, highlight the show.

Become one of our dedicated HealthQuest Radio listeners! Tune in every Saturday at 11:00 am on AM560 The Answer.

Make your life an “Adventure in Health” not in sickness and disease!

Our ShowWe’ve hit another milestone! Our HealthQuest Radio Podcast” on Podbean has reached over 10,000 downloads! (December 2022).  Listen to our “Latest Show,” on our podcast player below.

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Tune in every Saturday for our HealthQuest Radio show at 11:00 am on AM560 The Answer . . . Chicagoland radio right here in the Fox Valley. A variety of special guests are featured including medical and healthcare professionals, authors, and even our own patients who share their personal testimonials with our listeners. Our show topics include current health issues and lifestyle strategies as well as opportunities to call into our show. Become part of our HealthQuest family…it’s easier than you think!”