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When will pilots stand up and say “enough is enough.”? Captain Bahig Saliba is here to detail his lawsuit and fight for medical freedom.

Wearing a mask made it harder for pilots to focus and breath clean air.

The masks endangered lives and Bahig Saliba refused to wear a mask.

He also refused to take the vaccine bioweapon.

Bahig Saliba has now sued American Airlines and their union because its new collective bargaining agreement would forbid pilots from settling their complaints inside a courtroom. According to reports, airplanes are being restocked with masks in preparation for new mandates.

The FAA never regulated the masks which means the Airlines were operating outside of their certificates.

The Airlines forced pilots to get the clot shot and some have died. Others can no longer fly because they have damaged hearts.
Some pilots are hiding their vaccine induced heart defects in order to keep their jobs. 
This means some pilots are flying planes full of passengers at a great risk of death.

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